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Mama’s Family Favourite Recipes - Gramma Deb’s Weekday Simple Quick Spaghett With A Healthy Twist:

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

So, My Mama (Deb) was famous in all the land for her famous Spaghetti and her “Quick Spaghett”- this recipe is her “Quick Spaghett” Reinvented with Secret healthy ingredients that your family will never be able to tell the difference and will never know just how healthy they are eating!! I am all about Nutrients, Superfoods, Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy eating- but still being able to enjoy your family classic comfort foods.


2 Cans of diced or whole tomatoes

2 Tbs of Margarine or butter

1 finely diced Onion

2 finely diced celery ribs

2 finely diced carrots (the organic freshest ones you can find makes a difference believe me!)

4 finely diced Asparagus

1/2 cup (or as much as you can sneak in there ha-ha!) Quinoa

(quinoa is a superfood complex carb)

1 finely diced small red jalapeno (sometimes called Anaheim or Fresno Pepper)

1 package finely diced fresh mushrooms

Red Chili pepper flakes to taste

Fresh Italian Flat leaf parsley to taste (has to be fresh herbs folks- can’t cheat here!)

Fresh Basil (has to be fresh herbs folks – can’t cheat here!)

S and P (Kosher Salt and Peppa)

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil- best quality you can find- makes a difference!)

½ cup of Catsup

Finely grated fresh Garlic 3 cloves or to taste (has to be fresh folks – all the difference!)

½ cup water

Large pot boiling salted water ¾ full for cooking pasta

1 Tbs of Margarine or butter for cooked pasta

Start by getting your Large deep-frying pan going with some EVOO and 1 Tbs of the Margarine or butter over medium high heat. Drop in your onion, red pepper and quinoa first (you want to hear sizzle baby!) add a pinch of kosher salt to bring out sweetness in the onion. Sauté for couple minutes then add in your carrots, asparagus, celery sauté for about 5 minutes or until veggies start to get translucent and quinoa is toasted nicely add in your fresh grated Garlic and cook for about 2 more minutes until you smell garlic (you do not want the garlic to burn so keep close eye!). Add in your canned tomatoes (in my Mom’s case she used to add tomatoes my Grampy jarred himself which did make it better but you can use any can tomatoes at grocery store it is almost as good!). Add in your ½ cup of water, Catsup (you might need to add more to taste), 1 Tbs margarine and Fresh parsley, pepper and bring to boil and then turn down to simmer for 30 minutes or more to let the spices and ingredients get to know each other as my Mama would always say 😊

Meantime in a large pasta pot ¾ full of salted water (this is important to salt the water as its your only chance to season the pasta- some say to add once water boiling but I add right away). Add your spaghetti to rapid boiling water and cook to directions on box or to taste I like my pasta al dente.

I then would use a potato masher and gently press down breaking up all the tomatoes. Simmer for about 10 more minutes sauce will reduce then I use an emersion blender and blend sauce until smooth but still a little chucky.

Drain your pasta leaving a tiny tiny bit of liquid (this helps marry the sauce and pasta) and add your last Tbs of margarine or butter and toss to coat pasta- this adds finishing flavor and also prevents pasta from sticking together.

Add your pasta into your sauce pan (this is why you use a large deep frying pan so you have room) toss with tongs carefully coating. Sprinkle with red chili flakes if you like and fresh Basil for garnish and fresh burst of flavor and serve! My Old man likes Parm cheese on everything but my Mama would be shaking her finger from heaven as her “Quick Spaghett” was not meant to be served with cheese but you can add if you like or dare ha-ha!!

There were many a nights of my childhood when all my Mom and I had in our pantry was my Grampy’s Jarred tomatoes we would use to make this dinner- it was simple but would warm our hearts and feed our tummies and souls. So many memories – when I eat this – I close my eyes and it brings me right back and instead of feeling sad for what we didn’t have we made lemonade out of lemons and made the best out of a not so good situation and created memories I will cherish for a lifetime which I have passed along to my babies and with all of you. I hope you enjoy!! “Grub’s Up!!!”

Mama Lisa Marie oxoxoxox

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