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Lisa Gilbert is a hard-working hippie girl that has always had a love for writing songs, poems and even had her first short story published at the age of 12.


As a mama to two boys, Rayne and River, Lisa vowed she would give her children everything that was missing from her own childhood. In the early days of motherhood, Lisa wrote a lullaby filled with pearls of wisdom and wishes for her little boy and she sang it to him every night. Mama's Words Of Wisdom was born!


While carrying their second son, Lisa answered the call to transform their beloved lullaby into a book, so other families could share in the love. Lisa hopes that this heartfelt composition will bring smiles and peace to your family. 


Now - Mama’s Pearls of Guidance has just been published for her second Angel baby boy. 


Lisa & her inspiration ❤️ 

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Join Lisa in the next trilogy of her Mama's series.


This one is for the girls! You can do anything is the message for this book - sign up for Lisa's Newsletter here  to be notified when ready plus follow along with Lisa's author jourrney!

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