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Mama’s Family Favourite Recipe Reinvented with a healthy twist: Grampy’s Salmon salad toast & Capers

This is something my Grampy used to make me- he used to buy canned pink salmon and make me salmon toast. I have reinvented this recipe and if your family is anything like mine- it is near impossible to get fish on the menu. I personally love all fish but my boys do not. So I find creative ways to sneak it in their diet anyway! Muhahaha!! Come on its brain food!! I promise once you make this it will become a weekly staple in your home – it is delish and never disappoints – even great for entertaining 😊


Sorry Grampy- Mama don’t buy the canned stuff haha!!

1 Large Salmon filet or 3 small filets (you can also do trout which is awesome too- we fish a lot so sometimes I will even use whatever we caught in the lake- yum yum)

1-2 Tbs EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

1-2 green onion finely chopped

1 celery rib finely chopped

2 Tbs Mayo or to taste

S n P (Salt n Peppa)

Whole grain Quinoa bread toasted

Capers for garnish

Spicy sweet pickles


Preheat oven to 400F

Brush or drizzle EVVO over Salmon and season with S n P – cook for 20 minutes or to desired tenderness and let then let cool. Transfer salmon to small bowl or container and break up with a fork. Add in your mayo, onion, celery and S n P – mix well using a fork to work in. Spread salmon on toast (you can butter toast first if you like or not), then S n P to taste dress up with capers and spicy sweet pickles. I cut toast on a diagonal for effect- we eat first with our eyes folks- I have to make it look pretty too!! Serve with additional whole pickle or cut up fruit such as granny smith apples- yum yum. I hope you all enjoy this – it is so delish- such a healthy lunch and they will never know how healthy they are eating!!!

Miss you Grampy! Always had the best ideas!

Love Mama Lisa Marie xoxoxoxox

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